Razer x Gateron X

What is Razer X Gateron X I really like how Razer switches feel like so, I bought a Razer blackwidow lite the only keyboard that still uses Razer orange tactile. When i tried the keyboard the switches where perfect for me with weight and the tactile feeling is more pronounced and in my opinion also Razer x Gateron X

Gateron Silver pro potential

I got one switch as a sample from Gateron. The switch feels pretty smooth but, it is also factory lubed so that explains much of it. They do have less wobble then your regular Gateron switch. So first thing I started to notice is that the housing looks very similar to a normal Gateron housing. Gateron Silver pro potential

Realforce 91NE0100 restoration

For this Topre restoration I bought a 91NEO0100 from yahoo auctions. It looked good until I looked under the hood Cleaned the case Disassemble the plate from the PCB. It seems there was some soda damage? there is no corrosion though. Cleaned the PCB and the Rubber. For good measure the stabilizers are lubed and Realforce 91NE0100 restoration