What is Razer X Gateron X

I really like how Razer switches feel like so, I bought a Razer blackwidow lite the only keyboard that still uses Razer orange tactile. When i tried the keyboard the switches where perfect for me with weight and the tactile feeling is more pronounced and in my opinion also more satisfying then a Cherry MX brown.

And what is Gateron X? Gateron X is a Gateron yellow where the bottom housing has a new mold where also the inner rails are polished. Because of this the Gateron switch is super smooth. This switch will be available for the public soon. I got some samples and used them for this project.

Issues with part interchangeability

So my first idea was to swap the bottom housing to a Gateron X so it becomes way smoother and a 5 pin instead of two pin. I also wanted to use it in my hotswap lily58 so it needs clean legs.

The switches worked but, the issue was it wasn’t consistent some switches do actuate normally and some didn’t at all. So I experimented and it came out to be that it was the Razer top housing. What exactly was going wrong is something I couldn’t figure out. I managed to solve the issue by using Gateron milky top housings and all the switches worked consistently.

For my build I only lubed the springs with 3204 to make the pinging go away of the Razer springs.

How to get Razer switches for cheap as possible?

The easiest way would be buying a second hands Razer keyboard or what I did Amazon second chances where some keyboards only have damaged packaging with a big discount or a returned but, still in good condition.

Razer black widow lite as a example goes for 100 Euro on Amazon.de shipped. With the second chance I managed to pick one up with only the packaging being damaged for 53 Euro shipped. Only the outside box was damaged but, the inside box was sparkling new and the keyboard as well.

Razers new keyboards use SMD lighting instead of led what makes desoldering one super easy and also you can reuse the Razer keyboard by installing different switches if you want to.

Is it worth it?

Is it really worth buying a OEM just to harvest the switches from? I would say its worth it if you enjoy Razer switches but, don’t like there keyboards and software. Razer is one of the only switches I know that have a medium tactile switch that is also actually light.

The switch it self