I got one switch as a sample from Gateron. The switch feels pretty smooth but, it is also factory lubed so that explains much of it. They do have less wobble then your regular Gateron switch.

Gateron silver pro 3 pin

So first thing I started to notice is that the housing looks very similar to a normal Gateron housing. I started experimenting by transplanting the Stem into a Gateron milky housing and behold it works. This switch is also tested in a hotswap to ensure it does actually activate.

Why would you do this?

First reason is to improve the sound of the switch Milky tops give a noticeable better sound then clear tops and if you want to convert the switch from a 3 pin to a 5 pin. But, the biggest use case I see here is that these stems stick out a bit further then your regular switch. With this you can use these switches on north facing PCB’s and still use Cherry profile keycaps since there is no interference anymore.

The Gateron Silver Pro 3 are also noticeable way cheaper then the counterparts with a similar stem like TTC. At the time of writing you can buy 110 pieces at Kprepublic for 33 dollars.